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Individual Income Tax Preparation Fees

How much would you charge to do my individual tax return?

I’m sure this is breaking some secret CPA billing practice but instead of giving the usual “IT DEPENDS” answer. Here some average Form 1040 prices for potential clients to consider.

Form 1040 with W-2 income and a limited Schedule A (mortgage interest, property taxes and charitable deductions) average $125-175.

If your Form 1040 return also requires Schedule B (dividends & interest income) and limited Schedule D (stock sales, etc), Schedule A with employee business expenses the average increases to $225.

If you have a small business that requires Schedule C or a farm that requires Schedule F the average is $350. 1040’s with rental property, Schedule E, also average 300-375.

Complex Form 1040’s average $475 and up.

The price mainly depends on how well organized your business records are and the amount of time I have to spend digging through receipts. Naturally, I’m quite versed in the ART of receipt digging and I don’t mind as long as you understand there is additional cost involved.

If you have a complex individual tax return and would like an fee estimate, I can give a fair price estimation from reviewing your last year’s tax return. Just fax, scan or mail me a copy of the return and if you decide to use someone else I’ll be happy to mail back all your information FREE OF CHARGE.



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